Compustar remotes

I put a Compustar 2WSS-AS alarm in my car about a year ago. Since then, the screen has broken on the 2 way remote, and the small 1-way remote has pretty much stopped working. Anyone know if there are any reliable remotes for these alarms?

Do you have your two way on your keychain? If so that is your problem right there. I use the supplied clip and put it on the inside of my pocket. Besides from dropping it a few times rather hard it has held up fine. I have heard this from a couple people, but its pretty much the same case as with cell phones. In the three years I have had sprint I have had my original phone, and it still worked when I took it in to upgrade to a new one this month. Somehow my sister and mother had the same model and together managed to go through 5 of them. I think the problem is that you are trying to put durable and electronics in the same sentence. Not to be an ass, but the only thing I can really tell you would be to pick another remote up off ebay and just try to be more careful with it. Best of luck.

Compustar has a 1 year warranty on their remotes, take them back to where you got the alarm.

I also agree with the above post, I have customers that are coming in to have batt. replaced or some kind of programing done and their remotes ar 3-4 years old and the not only work but some look brand new, it’s all in the way you handle them, there are a few for sale on eBay… :whisper:94

the 2-way I wore clipped to my belt in a leather case, though I probably did bang it on something to break the screen. I wore the 1-way attached to my keychain in my pocket, the same way most people keep their remotes. There is no reason it should have stopped working.

Kinda ridiculous that the remote is half the cost of the system. Is there any difference between the white and black 2wSS remotes?

Sorry to do this, but I didn’t think creating a new thread is really necessary. Does anybody know how to prevent what seems to be dust from getting between the lcd screen and the front plastic screen. I think its from having the remote in my pocket. Or, is there a way to disassemble the remote so that i can wipe it off and reassemble it?