Cooling fan prob.

Well my cooling fan doesnt seem to want to turn on by itself. And from what ive read i dont feel like looking and replacing the relays. So what I was thinking is, is there a wire beit by the thermostat housing or in the main harness that tells the thermostat when to turn on?? If so couldnt i just splice my cooling fan into that wire to have it turn on when the thermostat opend. Anyone know if this would work and what wire id be looking for??

the relays are extremely easy to find, and equally easy to replace. there’s one little black “box”-type item to the left (passenger side) of the radiator, and two others to the right (driver’s side).


if the relays are fine, it’s your radiator fan control module, of which i have no need anymore so if that’s your problem just let me know and i’ll get mine to ya for a pretty fair price. :wink: