Couple of problems ~gas gauge, fan/cooling~

The gas gauge, it moves, everytime I pushe the gas pedal, the needle moves back and when I let go it goes back to where it belongs. Its making me crazy. I can’t stand seen it move like that, some times it takes long to move up and I get false readings.
What can be it? How can I fix it?

Since I own the car, 6 months, I only heard the engine fans work once. The cars consumes my coolant, but it never goes past 45% on the temp gauge.
I did coolant drain and refill on december.
Again, how can I get the fans to work, again?


PS: is 26 mpg CITY good for a 91 GS, 178xxx?

Other than your car being a GS and loosing coolant my car does the samething.
I believe the gas gauge movement is normal. When I stop at a light the gauge reads higher.
The fan thing. Well, do a search. I just made a post about my fans and there is a lot of good info on that. I would repeat them but it would take way too long. It’s a normal Acura Integra problem.

can you link me to your post for the FANS?