cracked rs*r header *PICS*

i was just looking at my head and noticed a little bit of black soot on the header primary right on the weld that holds the pipe to the flange on port #1 i believe. the port near the cam gears. its like 1/2 long…

PLEASE PLEASE tell me i can get it re-welded or just welded over! i dont want to have to buy a new header because of this little crack.

scroll down for pics


well, since there aren’t any pics its hard to say for sure… but most likely it can be easily repaired. As long as its just a simply stress fracture it can be easily welded up. Now if the metal is deteriorating because of rust or something of that sort, it may be a different story.

it looks like a stress crack. could the weather cause it? like if it was freezing and i started the car?

i’ll go take pics now.


i know the pics are shitty but you can see it good enough. oh and its about an inch long…


Just get it re welded. no biggy

:wipes sweat from brow:
thanks :clap:

you got the anwser to ur question so im gonna ask you a question :slight_smile: - lol

why is the RSR header so fantastic? don;t get me wrong i havea n RSR Exhaust and i love it, im just wondering why the header is also so great?

just curious




did he ever say it was fantastic?

ok may be fantastic was the wrong word
what about Good?


lol i do think its fantastic. but i like it because its so rare. i think maybe 2 members on here have one or had one. i got it for a really really cheap price. its nice to look at, the bends are crazy weird and the pirmaries are huge. umm its made for b16/b17 so it fit perfectly on my car, no need to add a second O2 bung.

and with those japanese stamps its mad wack jdm yo :roll:

It’s one of the only aftermarket headers that have the 2 o2 sensors in the proper places.

oh 1 more question…where can i get the gasket for where the downpipe connects to the manifold?

i cant even find any info on this header or where to buy them, so i dont know where i’m gonna get a gasket from

It just depends on what type of gasket it uses. I’m not familiar w/ what that header uses. But depending on what you need… you can bring the old one into your local Napa store and look through their HUGE book of gaskets, and hopefully be able to find what you’re looking for. There is a chance an RS*R distributor could help you get what you need, but since its an old header that may not have even been imported here…they may not be able to help.

crap. well thanks. i guess i’ll take it up to napa or even the muffler shop 'cause i have to get a whole new exhaust anyway.

You can get a big sheet of gaskets, take a compass, and make it perfect, and make it a square. Slap ittogether and trim the square to fit. The copper sheets run $10.00 at advance auto junk, and you will have like 10 chances to get it right. :rockon:

well damn i never thought of that, i guess i’ll try it. thanks
this isn’t a copper gasket though, can i get other materials? i dont know what it is but its kinda thick and looks like a grid pattern all over it. i guess i could always stack a few copper ones, its not like there is much pressure in there anyway…

There is cork, and sandpaper style, woven wire, rubber, and copper. Here they ar 9.98 for a roll of about 12"x36." I am running a copper gasket between my OE lower and upper header peices, my head and header, a cork with copper on each side of it between my IM and head (minimum heat transfer), and a rubber for my Headgasket :giggle: !

J/K about that last one!

right on man thanks for the info :clap: