crank pulley

i tried taking out the pulley from air gun to using a break bar that is 6 ft long while in 5th gear and holding the break down and still wouldn’t move :bang:
anyone have experience with this kind of problem? how usefull is the honda crank pulley tool? because that is my last option to take it out…


get the tool, or learn how to use the impact gun properly. lots of short bursts is the trick when blasting off stubborn bolts. if u hold the trigger down… its not the same. some don’t believe that but its true.

i do know how to use the impact gun. what you said with a blow torch wouldnt move at all. could have bought the honda tool today but napa dont carry them in stock and dealership is closed sunday :bang:

trust me, there’s a big difference if you hold it… you start building a lot of heat and odds are you’ll just snap the head off…

be extremely careful if you’re using a blow torch… you apply too much heat in one area and things will warp and you’ll have much bigger problems than getting a bolt out of a hole…

use a stronger 1/2 impact or use a 3/4 impact and it’ll come off before you know it.

should i use a bigger compressor? mine can hold up to 125 psi…its a little mini compressor…no bigger than the motor it self…

yeah you’ll probably need bigger. how fast does your pressure drop? if you cant keep 120psi for more then 10 seconds then you’ll have problems.

something ive been wondering is how come the crankshaft doesnt block when you put the transmission in gear and hold the brakes??ive read that it works for tightening the bolt but not removing. it makes no sense.

Isn’t it because the engine rotates counter clock wise? So when you try to loosen it in 5th gear, it just rotates the crank and transmission.

ahhh… using a small compressor with probably a pretty weak impact gun… that just sucks. even 3 second burst with the impact can steadily do it, but it does take a while sometimes. get the tool and u should be better off.

i hope this crank pulley problem is normal…maybe i’ll try to get a bigger compressor with 1/2 gun…my compressor hold 125psi for like 4 seconds only…dont want to spend 60 bucks for a tool unless i have too…

when i did the 5th gear and holding the break…my rotor spins as well…does this mean i need new break pads?? i mean like i jacked up one side but the other front wheel is touching the ground…

Buy the tool, its like 30 bucks. I had that problem too where the crank still spun

u don’t need the tool unless your doing it with hand tools. u need a 1/2 impact it will take some time but it will come loose. it took me 2 hours to get one off of a 2003 TL and that’s with a 1/2 impact and a huge compressor :werd:

i have the tool if u want it give me $30 i used it once

hold that tool this friday…trying to nag at my friend to bring his compressor and his gun to my house…damn thing is so heavy…

wait…two hours?? what did you do in those times???

ok…used 1/2 impact gun with bigger compressor for 30 mins…wouldnt move…probably try it again tomorrow…do you have pics of the tool thatblkguy?

its just like this one

is that a 3/8 on the corner?? 30 shipped?

yea its a 3/8 drive. I can do 36 shipped Paypal? Or I can see if a buddy can bring it down to you he’s near carlsbad but it wont be tell the weekend. just let me know

from carlsbad like south of oceanside right? i will be busy all day on weekends…probably have somebody get it for me…$35?

$35 yea yea he works over at K1 up there ill let u know tomorrow when I talk to him so I know when he can take it down to u sat or sunday