Crowers Econo Billet rods Opinions needed

The Econo Billet rods has anyone tried them I am after some rods for my sohc zc same specs as a d16a6. I am wanting to use them and some SRP pistons(8.5.1 to boost up say 20 psi…Would those rods take the beating ??? Oh what else in the way of bolstering my engine would be needed to boost this high??Would just a block gaurd do??

There’s a link to them


Hey ZC, how hard would it be to install a B18a or even a B20 into your car? I don’t know what kind of availablilty you have over there, but you should be able to get some JDM motors as you’re able to get JDM cars (jo0 lucky SOB!!!).

You already have the turbo system, I’m sure you can adapt it to fit the bigger motor.

Oh, the Crower Econos are supposed to be Crower’s answer to the Eagle rods.

If your going to run 20psi-your going beyond an ECONO buildup. I believe the add I saw, says the rods are good up to 12psi.

At 20psi go with the real deal Crowers.

Hmmm got a reply from hondatech saying the Econo Crower are crap and to just get eagle rods do you guys have an opinion on eagle rods??

About the swap it would be very easy to find a motor and tranny from a non vtec b18b etc… But it would still cost a lot of money to swap it in, trust me I have looked at doing the B16 - B18c swap back then vtec engines were very cheap over here (B16a about $200 US) the labour and extra fittings are what were the main expense, so decided FI was about the same price if not cheaper and I have more horse power and stacks more torque then even a JDM type R.:wink: 10psi 196 whp;)

<----- Eagle rods in my LS/VTEC, fully built bottom block running JE 11:6:1s

Could’ve went with the econos, but that is the low class Crowers, might as well go with Eagle…they are good rods…