cruise control hook up

hi man

i did an automatic to manual transmission swap. now i need to hook up the cruise control. do i just connect the petal wires and will it work. if so, what do i connect it too. will the resume/ accel signal and set/decel work? on my sterring wheel . there are two connector near the transmission left from the automatic tranni. i found that those two connectors controled resume/ accel signal and set/decel. i need detail on how to make it work.

thanks for your help.

what is “ccu”.? what is “A/T” ?

Which wires?
There are 14 of them on the “Cruise Control Unit”
the only one I can see that is diff. is…
1- pink, ran from “CCU” to "A/T Gear Position Switch, it will have to be connected to a clutch switch, it is a ground input.:shrug: 94