Crush bend exhaust?

Is it gonna be bad if I go with piping from a shop that is crushed(I get to choose where the piping is bend and what muffler I want) or is it best to go with a perfrormance cat back exhaust from an online store?

Price from the shop is $300 with installation and welding on my muffler while a cat back exhaust from online is $500+.

Also what is a good size pipe for db2, 2 1/4 or 2 1/2?

Well, if you don’t care about performance and money is your main concern, then the crush bent pipes are fine. Otherwise, crush bends are bad.

just have them use mandrel bends…

crush bends also = fugly and ghetto :gay:

yeah, I’m sure they have the equipment to do that… :roll:

ur getting owned, my piping only cost 165 total with a new resonator and muffler 2.25

I think that it all depends on what you are using the car for.
If you are on the track and you care about 1/10 of a second, then go with mandrel bending. If it is for street use and you are strapped for cash, then go with a custom shop cat-back that is crush-bent.
2 1/4 is what is recommended for low-mid power. i have 2.5" crush-bent and it takes away from the bottom end (which our cars dont have much of anyway), but you supposedly gain it back in the higher end of the rpm band.
However, I have a stock exh. manifold so I really won’t know what kind of performance I get out of it until I finish it up with a header. Plus my car is an auto, so it sucks no matter what. haha.

Hmmm, wonder if a 2 1/2 inch crush bent exhaust will flow as good as a 2 inch mandrel bent exhaust. I bet the difference is so small it wouldn’t matter.

Isn’t the stock exhaust 1 7/8 inch crush bent piping? LS, GSR, ITR? dunno