Custom Interior anyone??

i would like to see what people have custom fitted in their ride, like electronics, seats, steering wheels, etc, or custom fabication interior wise.thank you i would like get some ideas…

Diamond plating

Hey i just got my 91 gs hatchback and the guy who had it before me put down metal diamond plating on the driver and passenger side floor. it looks good but i wish the idiot didn’t take out the carpet to do it, so if u get some make sure to put it on over the carpet. Maybe later i will scare up some pics, one of the premier members has this done im not sure which one but u should check it out.

let me see some pics

Carbon overlayed( :roll: ) consoles.

thats awesome, where did you get that?

I made it.

oki boy
how did u do that send me the tip

thanx man :bang: :bowdown:

Sorry bro its alittle more difficult then a “tip”. To fully explain it would take awhile. Unless you have previous experience with composites.

oki boy, u should do a write up on that. i think a few guys would b intrested

i’m interested!!!

kick ass job man!!!

how much would you charge to make me one?? or you should start production on that, because its fuking awesome

Man that looks real HOT!

oki boy,

There are a few of us with enough experience with composites(or who just aren’t afraid to tackle a new project) that would love to see your how-to on this one. I believe there is another member who mentioned overlaying his stock rear wing as well. All we need is a recommended fabric source and a write-up of your process.

BTW, those centerpeices look great! I would love to do mine in silver carbon!(if I knew someone who would show me how)

Thanks for all the comments guys.

If I were to to do another project like this I would probably charge quite a bit. I did these about 2 years ago and it was my first project. With the angles that these pieces have it was a pain in the ass. Each piece was covered in one sheet of carbon so there are no breaks in the lines. I researched for months before I decided to finally attempt something of this degree. I can probably do a write up but it will have to wait until the next project so I can have pictures. Trust me it will be alot easier with something to look at. I now know why CF parts aren’t cheap. :bawl:

custom enough? :smiley:


gster, you should either recut that vinal or take it off.


i noticed that you have orange guage needles! how??? are they painted or off another cluster…if so, which one?

Here is my navigation/xm/touchscreen/stereo/video player

I need to take out and attempt to redo over, but other things first.