Dash and Parking Light fuse(15blue) BLOWN!

Yesterday I started my car with lights on and a heard a little pop sound and lights dash came off. I checked the fuses and the fuse for the dash/parking lights is blown. So I change the fuse for another 15 and know everytime turn on the parking lights the fuse blown but I’m able to turn on headlights and fogs. I don’t have any aftermarket lighting nor have I ever mess with the electric wire. Any suggestion on what could be the problem.


dash and parking lights

do you have a aftermarket deck in your car. if so remove it and check that the one or two light wires for oem deck [not used on most aftermarkets] have not shorted out,they are on the parklight circuit/dash lights. this a common problem hope this helps 94

Short circuit

Hello all:

Agreed with fcm, sound like you have shorted circuit in the parking light circuit branch, I hate this!!!
Take out your DMM meter and start trouble shoot to isolate where is the short. Ground one test lead of your meter to car chassic and probe the other test lead to positive side of the wire terminal relate to parking light circuit. If you see a continoue reading that could be your short.
HTH and good luck :slight_smile: