Dash Lights

The guage lights just stopped working on me … i replaced the fuse wich wasent even blown and my tail light work just fine waht do you think my problem is :wtf:

Not trying to be an ass, but check the dimmer switch. This has happened to me before. I checked every fuse and every posible source, I just turned my dimmer and they came back on.

Position of a tweeter

:burnout: :burnout: :manual: Ok, ok, I know this is probally late and i tried to research it but i couldn’t find anything. Isn’t there a plate that lines up with the side mirrors for the tweeter? I wanna say Accord but i’m not really sure. I bought a alpine cda-9833 with Infinity Kappa 60.5cs, both front and rear. The rear i know what i want to do about but the front i’m lost.

must have been really late cause all this has to do with the current thread problem how? :bang:

well, my bad for butting in with the current thread, thought someone someone would just help but…oh well! Next time i’ll remember

There is a parklight fuse, and a dashlight fuse, and as Acurazor said, check the dimmer control to make sure it’s turned up, and also check to see if it still works. :hmm: 94