distributor probs or not sure.....??

hey everyone im pretty new to this but reading forums and this site has helped me alot i got a rs teg and last night i went to pick up my girl and my car was makin like very loud squeaking noises and some kind of weird im not sure if it was grinding noises or not but it sounded like it was coming from the distributor cap then when i got to her work it went away so popped the hood and it started to do it again only quieter. any one know what this might be?? :frowning:

since no one has responded yet…
…i think you need to be more specific, since i have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.
…try searching some ppl on here have described and fixed several problems that were causing “noises” from the engine compartment.
example mine was making a loud screeching noise everytime i put my car into drive, but it only happened at night or when it was cold/raining, so i searched and found that sometimes the belts rub against something or is loose and can cause a noise. So i decided to change the alternater belt (in order to reach i had to remove every other goddamn belt in there).

…remember, our cars are kinda old, so if you have a problem SEARCH first and 99.9% of the time someone has already had that problem.
(*example of my prob. http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27441 that thread was done in '02 WAY b4 i even bought a teg, but it gave me an idea where to start)

so dont forget :search:
or ppl will flame you. this site is great and use it to your advantage, but most importantly, dont waste ppl’s time and just search.

oh did i mention that you need to search?


distributor probs

well i started my car and i heard squeeling and some kind of grinding noises i popped the hood and put my ear on top of the distributor and it sounded like it was coming from there, it was some grinding sounds and very loud squeaking.

I’m quite sure there was a problem with the distributor bearings on many distributors. There may even have been a recall on them, but I’m not sure. Try a search for ‘distributor bearing’ and see what you find out. I’m sure it’s been discussed before.

hey thankyou so i just wanted to make sure it sounded like it was the distributor im going to replace it and i have never done my own timing maybe someone could like explain it a lil better i read the teg tip but i dont have a adjustable knob on my timing gun…sorry!! this seems like dumb question

hey thanks for all your help i replaced the dizzy and did timing purs like a kitten :bow: