do i need a LSD?

im buying a jdm b16 swap and im putting it in my 91 gs :clap: , and im wondering will i need a lsd tranny or not? , im goin to have the basic mods like I/H/C/E , and cams later on , i will use the car for some dragging and a little bit of spirited driving thru the curves , will this be a waste of money or not ?? … thanks

deffinately not a waste, especially if you are seriously man handling the cornors.


If you ever plan to auto-x, drive aggressively on some roads and even drag it; then an LSD will be more than worth the money (however I would buy a quaife if it were me, I loved mine in my hatch).

LSD is so nice on “sprited” curves lol. You won’t be able to go back to open differential.

sounds good, so i will have better traction when i launch or something like that right?

yes, and when going on spireted drives, you can prolong the life and reduce the risk of over heating your tires.

LSD is one of the rare items that have a win-win result. :smiley:
(unless you count the install or price as a lose)

alright looks like im getting the lsd tranny with my b16! :clap:

Yea, then you send it to me, and I’ll send you a long geared S1 with a welded spool. :rockon: Not a good mod for a street car.

Have you even driven an LSD equipped DA?

As a matter of Fact my tranny I just blew was a short gear JDM tranny with a LSD. Even though it was a s1 tranny casing, it was the Y1 gear set and the LS 5th gear set. It had the 4.266 final and LSD in it. :slight_smile:

It was a frankestein tranny.

Where did the tire saving comments come from?

When I was comming around the cornors I would always white smoke the inside tire when I had the auto, so I would only get about 10 runs up this road on 1 set of front tires, I changed to a 5spd with a LSD and I magicly started geting 17 runs on 1 set of front tires.

How difficult was the auto/manual swap? Or did you have someone else do it?

Not to difficult. like a clutch change, but with little things like drilling holes, filling holes, and changing the peddle assembly.

Where can I find a how-to on this mod? My teg has been downgraded(or upgraded-depending on how you look at it) from daily driver to project car now that the head gasket’s blown. So I might as well capitalize on the down time!

Heh, words of wisdom, do one thing at a time, never mix projects if avoidable. If you really want to do the swap, I recomend a complete motor swap. A B18B swap (with about 20k) with a rebuilt B18A tranny and a fresh clutch. Then 2 new axles, berrings up front, and ITR linkage with prothain shifter bushings, then a tune-up (plugs, wires, cap and rotor). This project should run about $2K, but you’ll know your drivetran is almost completly new.

do lsd trannies break down faster or is it as reliable as a non lsd tranny?

They are equally reliable in my opinion. Mine only shaddered because I was being a dipshit, and panda wanted to punish me. I’m making it up to her though. USDM S1 tranny with JDM J1 gears and a phantom grip LSD conversion kit, all with new berrings, sincro’s, and seals. :slight_smile: She is also geting 2 new axles from honda, a new exedy OE replacement clutch, and a resurfaced ITR Flywheel. Berrings in EF knuckles with the DA brakes, and 2 new Yokohoma AO32 tires (used to have AVS-ES100’s).

Edit: She also got a homemade short shifter (1" longer on bottom and 1.5" shorter on top, and prothain shifter bushings and a '97 LS bottom linkage (newer U-joint removes play).

wow she better be happy lol , mine is gettin a new engine i hope she likes it … i know i will :clap: