Do these camshafts look damaged? Please look.

Hey guys,
I’ve never really seen how a damaged camshaft looks like so can you please tell me if this looks like it’s damaged. Is this normal scoring? I think it’s scoring.


Take a piece of paper, such as a stickynote and slide the edge along the area you believe to be damaged. if the edge of the paper snags then there is an issue. really the best thing to do is go to a local machine shop and have em take a look.

Those GSR cams look like poo. Your close up (middle pic) you can see some pretty deep cuts. And in that same pic, the lobe looks like it’s kinda rounding out.

I dont know if I would trust them, I agree with ICEMANGSR, see what you local machine shop has to say about them…

Probably bad. It’s definitely scoring. This is what happens when a motor is starved of oil or the cams are installed without proper lubrication. If the cams look like this, the head they came from is TOAST (cam bearing journal scoring… only way to fix is to have a machine shop line bore the cylinder head… and that’s not always possible)

Cool. Thanks for the replies fellas.