Door not opening!

I have a 90 GS and last winter my door froze shut and I asked my stepfather to start my car without telling me he took it upon himself to get my door open and when he pulled WAY to hard he broke the outside handle and now it will not open from the inside but will only open from the outside winter is approaching and i need to see if this is a quick fix or if I will need to show some green it also will not lock from the inside but will from the outside

Please Help anyway you can!

Take apart the door panel. It sounds like one of the “bars” used to control this function either popped out or became loose.

those ‘bars’ have clips on the end of them, little white plastic clips. most likely one of the clips on either end broke. the clip probably got brittle because of the cold weather. i doubt the handle itself broke, because it is much stronger then the plastic clips that it holds onto. also, handle side of this is metal. take the door panel apart. go to a junkyard or acura dealer. get the part for $.10-$5. kinda rediculous to spend that much on a stupid part, but hey, its only $5

Is it very hard to get the door panel off or is it a cake-walk? and if you know how to that would help lots I am just wondering because I have tried to take it off a couple months ago but didn’t try extensivly I could only find the 2 screws at the very bottom of the door panel

I got the 3 screws that needed to come off and poped it off all around but now what do I do how do I get the door panel off with it obviously hanging on to where the inside handle and lock is???

It’s hanging from the top part by the window right? Reach underneath and disconnect the wire harness (assuming if you have power windows) . Once that’s gone, you need to wiggle it back and forth from the far end of the door (the side furthest away from the steering wheel) . Pull upwards as you wiggle and it should slide out.

remember the weather stripping is attached to the panel and its attached to the door by metal compression clips… if you need help use a flat screwdriver to pry the stripping up from the end of the door working towards the mirrors. remember the panel comes off and goes on on an angle… the edge closest the mirror should be the last to pull off and the first place you start pushing it back on.

for the window crank ir for some strange reason its not powered (GS) … take a thin dishtowel and work the edge between the handle and the door and slide it around the handle… the metal horseshoe clip will push out and the handle will pop off… be careful cuz the clip likes to fly away and under something heavy.