double bend short shifter

im looking for a short shifter for the da and im favorable to the double bend style, ive been eyeing the neuspeed one for awhile but the cheapest ive found it for was like 115$ (with bushings) at i searched and nobody stated where they bought there neupseed shifter from or for how much so does anybody know any quality double bend shifters on the cheaper side, i know the b&m is a great deal right now but id like to have a double bend, any info is appreciated

hey i found a dual bend B&M short shifter on ebay for 65 shipped.

i just got my dual bend by Skunk2 for $110 shipped!! I love it. Perfect quality and installation. Great company to deal with as well… just go to and under “Engine” click transmission. you will see “short shifters” and the bottom…hth…