Drag Gen 2 Kit help

Does anyone here have a Drag kit on their Teg. The piping is a little confusing and I would like to talk with someone before I start hacking up my car. Pics would be nice, but any help is appreciated.

aim= blue91teg

Amerikan has the drag kit. I’d like to see as many pics of the install as possible. Hopefully you have a digi-cam.

Amerikan: Do you some in-depth photos of your turbo install and some info for this guy?


Yeah when I get done I will post pics. I will also post a dyno run of it. Yeah pics or even detailed words would help as I do not want to hack u pmy car without knowing the piping goes there.

Yeah I would like to see how does turbo looks in our gen2 teg. Anyone with turbo installed please post some pic. So it can help us to understand more about turbo in our gen2 teg.

O.K. I will take off my bumper as soon as I can and take some pics of of the piping runs. In the meantime here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.>>> CLICK ME <<<