Dumped on skunk2 pro-s coilovers

anyone have this setup, being dumped that is?
reason I ask is because, I was only able to get me rear tires tucking.
as far as the fronts go, the fender jus sits on the tire… being all the way adjusted down on the coilover.

I have the same suspension as you, but are u running a camber kit? Also what size rims and tires are u running. Mine are 195/55/r15. My front sits perfect but my rear always scrapes againts my fender.

Get a rear camber kit and dial in more negative camber. Also, you might want to stretch your tires if you’re planning to tuck… it’s going to look pretty gay but hey… most of the HT guys are doing it so why not…

I do have front and rear skunk2 camber. My front camber is maxed out, im still cambering (-0.2). But my rear is set to have no camber. Well im planing on lowering my car some more as soon as i get my brakes LCA and swaybars. Also my rear trailing arm bushing.

That’s probaby why your fender is sitting on your tires… dial in more negative camber if you want the tires to tuck… maybe running smaller tires might help also…

Thanka for the info, but umm i went back to 195 instead of 205. I mean i know they have 195 but its only right to stick with 195 right? Im not fully experienced yet, i just got into cars last year and iv been doing all the work myself. But umm feel free to give me some good info. One main reason is that i wanted no camber in the rear because my 205s were hitting my fender and also my ride quality sucked ass. Going back to 195 was a major succes for me because not only it doesnt scrape against my fender, my ride quality is perfect with the skunk2 pro s coilovers.