ebay CAI

i’m getting this intake off ebay

does it look like it is a good fit for our DA. I don’t want to buy it then having it not fit properly. I know ebay is the cheap way to go but i don’t want to spend 5X as much on a sticker saying AEM. I did a search and read positive feed back on these intakes. if anyone has comments on fitting, proformance, installation, feel free to let me know, thanks!

Will aem has a carb #. I dont know about your state and smog but if you dont care about geting tickets than get it. One tip keep your stock intake.

i’m from Canada so there shouldn’t be a problem, thanks for the comment. does it look like the CAI will fit properly, i don’t want to purchase this to have it not fit.

the second piece of the pipe looks a little to long to fit. the first “s” shaped piece looks correct, but i’m not to sure about the other pipe. might want to look into that.

got abs? Does it say it’ll it your year teg?

no my car doesn’t have ABS here’s the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2456015924&category=38634

here’s a pic from a members teg (if you want me to take down the pic let me know)

as you can see they are similar.

yep that’ll work. I had the same one. some CAI’s interconnect like the one jsut psoted above my post on the side by the fender, whiel the one you are getting(and the one I ahd) interconnect a bit earleir byt he strut tower. but I guarentee you it’ll work. ocne you put the fitler on. you’ll have about 1" clearnce form the fitler tot he bototm of the fender lining. :slight_smile:

alright cool thanks alot everyone! oh yea i just found out a got a local shop to sponsor my car!

Good stuff

ok i won the auction so now i’m just waiting for him to email me his mailing address so i can send the money order, i’ll take pics when it comes in, hopefully within the next week, thanks again everyone!