eBay generic camber kit

I was wondering what you guys think of these generic non control arm style camber kits. Does anyone have experience with them to go or not go?


Im just curious, Im on eibach prokits with 15 inch wheels 205/50 tires and my camber gets pretty bad, just replaced the tires summer 2007 and Ive got wires showing already with normal rotations done.

Let me know of your opinions…

those are only for the rear… u prolly need some for all around. i suggest the ingalls one myself. the skunk2 ones look ok, and i believe progress makes some too. on the rears u can just do the shim/washer trick.

actually the top 4 pieces are for the front I believe, what style are the ingalls? I just want to know if these are any good.

i apologize i didn’t look at that listing very well. the ingalls is similar but they do offer different types of bushings for it. rubber, polyurethane or solid. all depends on ur preference, and i believe they would be tougher than those in that ebay listing. my opinion having ur suspension going to shiet while driving would be pretty horrifying. thats only next to brakes failing. those might be just as good. i honestly don’t know. just giving my $0.02

oh and the ingalls are like a replacement for the upper control arm instead of just those.

I have the same kit on my integra. They work pretty good, the rears are nice, the fronts were a pain in the ass to do an alignment with. Other than that they keep my tires from wearing from camber.

Would the control arm style be easier to align? Ive noticed they are much more expensive.

Eibach Pro kit springs give you camber wear?

Last time I saw a g2 with those, I didn’t even know that it was lowered.

Just get an alignment and call it a day.

If you’re determined to get a cheap kit, get something like this. R-1 Camber Kit

Non adjustable, so it’d be better for use with lowered springs, since you don’t need to constantly adjust your camber settings to match your ride height.

And any camber kit is a pain in the butt to adjust. Trial and Error on the alignment rack.

Yeh Prokits are not that low, but seriously I have some bad camber wear…tires get chewed up pretty quickly.

I dont want to get an alignment and end up finding out camber still cant be corrected and then go buy a camber kit.

I will try to post up pics of the tires, Im doing a brake job this weekend so.

Your toe adjustment killing your tires more, not your NEG camber angle.
If you never got an alignment before, then you were a few tires too late. :rofl::burnout:

Do some reading, :read: Alot of guys in here are lower than you are, and are fine without getting a camber kit.

A little NEG camber can be a good thing.
Some people even prefer too leave a little bit NEG camber, for better cornering speed and grip.
I know I do.
There’s even a NEG camber kit made for a g2 to get NEG camber.:slight_smile:

good food for thought, wouldnt think my toe had such an impact, will read more…thanks for the heads up.

I will be getting an alignment on my next tire change

I just thought that you’d know most of this stuff already since you’ve been around g2ic for a while now.

Anytime you lower you car, your front wheels start looking like this. \ … //

Each tires starts pointing outward, and they get eaten up in the middle.

You can try adjusting it yourself if you like. It wont be totally accurate, but it’s better than nothing.
You get a measuring tape, measure from inside the tire thread tracks from one wheel to the other.
(that is assuming you have straight tire threads)
Do the front side of the tire, then the backside. The front side should measure a little more because the toe went kinda outta wack when you lowered your car.
What you wanna do is make sure your steering wheel is straight, and loosen both of your outer tie rods. (preferrably with the front of your car raised in the air)
Twist them so that both the front and the rear measurements on the front tires the same.
So both front wheels are pointing straight when driving.
Once they are close as you can get, tighten both of the tie rods back up.

I know this might sound a little complicated when written down on paper (pc), but it’s basically common sense, once you do it or see it being done. :dozing:

I thought whenever you lowered your car your wheels did this:

  // ... \\  thus increasing inner camber wear or toe wear.

If indeed it did \ … // wouldnt the tire wear be on the outer wall instead of inner?

I have both the front and rear but from different Ebay sellers . The rear is holding up so far but one of the front broke. I have since changed the front with Ingalls. I’ll email you some pictures.

got pics of the shim and washer trick? really want to try it! thanks!

If I were you I would go with skunk2 front and rear I just installed mine this pass weekend, I know there they are a little expensive but I rather do it once the right way then spend more money on parts that might not work as good its just my 2 cents, but i feel a hugh diffence, and dont forget to do a wheel aglinment good luck.

I thought whenever you lowered your car your wheels did this:

// … \ thus increasing inner camber wear or toe wear.

If indeed it did \ … // wouldnt the tire wear be on the outer wall instead of inner?

I don’t know which way you’re looking at the picture?
\ … // (car facing upwards)
Each tire pulls to the outside, thus wearing out the inner portion of the tire.

got pics of the shim and washer trick? really want to try it! thanks!

As for the shimmy trick, Teg Tips
If you haven’t seen these Tips, now’s a good time to do some reading and searching.

Don’t buy that junk. Save up and get something good. It will be worth it in the long run. Those came with my teg when i got it and when i put the skunk2 pro-s coilovers on just the passenger side upper control arm banged but it didn’t do it when i had ground control coilovers on and i didn’t adjust them in between the install. I’m about to get the skunk2 upper control arms.

Those look alot like a set I purchased that were made by “ESR Performance”.

They were Garbage.

I was so disgusted with them I posted about it:


Defininety go with the washer trick for the back. I did (after I threw these suckers as far as I could) and haven’t had a problem since (almost two years later)

As for the fronts, they have come loose twice since I put them in. Ended up having to locktite them.

if you’re not lowered a lot, you can go with ingalls’ washer kit for the rear… Takes the guesswork out of getting the right quality/size washer/bolts. I’m running that on my rear. no problems, lowered ~1.5" all around.

Well people now saying that I shouldnt even need a front camber because Im on eibach prokits, a pretty mild drop of 1.5 front and 1.2 rear.

I guess I will try the alignment first and then go from there… Thanks guys