ECU Code: 8 Fast Blinks, What is it?


I have a 91 Integra and for over a month now, I got a CEL that only occurs when I am either not moving or moving very slowly.

Today I pulled back the carpet and checked out the ECU codes. I noticed 8 fast blinks.

My question is what is the error and how can I get it fixed?

Thanks in advance!

you can try searching. there are threads already about this problem.

The ECU code is this:

8 - TDC Position

Now what is it exactly and how do I fix it?

The manual that Ive got on my computer says that it “determines ignition timing at startup(cranking) and when crank angle is abnormal”.
Heres how it says to fix it…

Page 1

Page 2

in short…

you need to replace the distributor.

It looks that way.

I’ve dealt with that code a few times myself. Before you buy anything, pull the ecu fuse, it’s under the hood, very top left it should be a 10a. then disconnect your battery (negative terminal) for about a min. Put your fuse back in before you put on the battery cable. If you’ve been cranking on it, let it sit for about 10 mins or more. Try that first, if your codes is accompanied by a 15, then try replacing your ignition control module, then reset the car as stated above. More than likely it’s electrical, so you can check all the wires on the 2 conncectors that are on your distributor, and take off the dist. cap and check all the wires going from your coil neg/postive and the ignition control module (which is thin and usually brown or tan) there should be 4 wires total inside of the dist. If any of those are old and cracked and touching that can have an effect on your TDC sensor and give you the Code 8. Check for shorts. HTH