ECU CODE #9, Searched with no positive results

92 Integra RS
Alright, well I just checked and the ECL code that my cars throwing is a 9, which through searching I found is a No. 1 cylinder sensor. All i have found for resolutions is to replace the distributor. But a month ago my distributor seized causing my timing belt to skip. The check engine light came on. I brought it into the shop and payed too much to have the belt, distributor, spark plugs and wires replaced. I got it home and it still had the light on. It was idling like shit and accelerated like it was pinto or something. So i brought it back, they adjusted it and it got a little better. It idles rather erratic, either so low you think its gonna die, or goin back and forth between 900 and 1200RPM. Sometimes when I put the clutch in as I’m coming to a stop, the car will just die, and I’ll just have to turn it over quick and get it back running. I’ve tried resetting the ECU with no luck. I’m at a lost for ideas, and I just want my Teg back to its purring self.

Dude, first of all, whoever you had fix it, must have been douche bags. Your timing skipped, that’s your first indication. If you car is idling, running, and accelerating like shit, that’s the number one problem I’ve had was the timing needed adjusted. I’m a beginner at mechanics and even I figured out how to set the timing. Your air filter, your battery, plugs and wires, and distributor rotor button and cap is where I’d start. All of these aren’t too expensive and I guarantee you that you will have good results. Set your timing using a loan a tool service like Auto Zone. For a $20 deposit you can rent a timing gun. Here’s another tip, pick up a Chilton’s, they help.

they did supposly adjust the timing twice, but maybe they didnt get it right both times