ECU in a '92 Integra LS?

I am new here, and I have a 92 integra LS. I need to find the ECU, and I CANNOT FIND IT :mad: . Can anyone please tell me where it could be?

under the exhaust, near the crackshaft, go pass the distributor, follow the oil lines, CUT the power sterring lines, power veggie oil in your motor
and its there!

for real…pull the passenger front carpet and yall see a metal cover pull those bolts and its there.

under passenger floormat/carpet.

haha okay thanks. Its more toward the front of the car right? not directly under the passanger carpet?

yes toward the front…not directly down

alright. cool. got it. thanks

what is the ecu in a 92 ls??? is it obd-0 or obd-1???


a 92 would be a OBD1 unless the engine and everything has been swapped but i doubt it has since you would know if it has and wouldnt be asking. lol