ECU questions

ive got a 99 GS-r block and head (im stupid so dont whore me just tell me ive been looking for this shiet for 2 hours i dont need it) with a type R intake the motor still needs cams and a valve cover but ill get that stuff soon (looking for that stuff if anyone has it 4sale) but my teg is an automatic and i want to keep it that way what ecu do i use that will work with the Vtec and the higher redline also what kind of ecu do stock 90 g2’s have IM GOING INSANE HELP!!!

Well, for the non-obd '90 you’re about a PR4 auto tranny ecu. Now, as far as your '99 GSR engine goes, it really depends on what year the teg you put the engine in is. If its a 90-91 its non-obd and you’ll need a VTEC PR3 or PW0 ecu. If its a 92-93 its obd-1 and there are an assortment of VTEC ecu’s to choose from P28 P72 ETC. BTW, I’m not flaming so don’t take offense, but did you try the big blinking search button up there^? I know there are about a million threads on this. HTH and good luck with your project.


I meant to say: you’re talking about a PR4. My bad.

what about it being automatic do u have a website i can goto or somthing ive been looking all day im so confused… lol

If you’re asking about a 1990 automatic teg, it has to use a PR4 automatic transmission ECU. You can’t use a 5 speed ecu in an automatic teg. However, you can use an auto tranny ecu in a 5 speed. Hope I cleared it up for you.:slight_smile:

no no no there are automatic B16 Vtec Ecu’s i think… my car is an automatic and im not changing it (too lazy) i have a 99 gs-r motor but i need an ecu that will work with that and with my cars systems im so confused right now its not even funny…

yes there are auto ecu’s. like i said before, it depends on what year your teg is as far as making a choice. if you aren’t going to do an auto-manual swap, you have to be sure you get an automatic vtec ecu, a five speed won’t work on an auto. :ok: