edelbrock mani on stock b20

after spinning a bearing on my built b18 i decided to pick up a b20 from hmotors. I still have the performer x manifold that was on the b18 and was wondering if i should put it on the b20 or would i be better off just puttin the stock b18 mani on it. would the edelbrock make it perform worse than stock? and if anyone has any advice on swapin in the b20 it would be much appreciated… thanks in advance

u can go either route. just make sure u read the b20 swap guide, then read it again, then again. u don’t wanna forget something while u are in the middle of the swap. its all covered in there tho.

in short:
use thermostat housing from ur ls (top half), distributor, manifold, manifold parts, change out gaskets, hoses, seals, o-rings, vacuum lines, etc now that u are putting it back in.

oh and don’t forget the extra wires needed for extending the thermoswitch. cuz its on the thermostat housing (bottom half) of the b20 unlike the ls.

all of it in the guide tho.

Yea that pretty much covers the swap, I would be interested in seeing a direct comparison between the two manifolds. I have a pr3 on my b20b right now, and it feels choked. I was thinking of getting a new gasket, and port matching but I don’t want to pull it out right now.

well i completed the swap and the car runs perfect. the edelbrock manifold works great. the car seems like it pulls just as hard as my old built b18 did.

where is the b20 swap guide?

its right here:

Use everything off you b18,

Rewire the coolant sensor to the one on the b20

Run the pcv hose from the b20s valve cover to the b18s pcv port on the intake manifold.

Thats trully about it man. Its really easy, just get a b20z not a b20b unless it has the better head, unless you just want the bottom end for a b20vtec. Then is dosent matter. www.passwordjdm.com used to sell them for $450

Any other Q’s just hit me up!