electrical upgrade problems

So i have a question
I’d like to put better plugs wires and cap and rotor in my car for better performance but i keep getting told by mechanics that this is bad for the engine. Yet i know all of you have better wires and i’ve driven tegs with platnum plugs and hotwires and msd caps etc. So how do i set my teg up to not arc and burn out caps and rotors?

First, let me start off by saying that platinum plugs (or in my experience, Bosch plugs in general) are a scam, they DON’T increase performance, and definetly not worth the price you pay. I’d go with a set of NGK plugs (gapped to spec), OEM wires (or if you have money, hotwires or w/e, personally I think wires are a waste of money, and I hope I don’t get flamed for this, but I’ve never seen any documented or proven performance increases with fat ass aftermarket wires vs. stock in a moderately modded car), and OEM cap, and if you need it, an OEM rotor.

I know you probably are thinking, “Why is he telling me to get this OEM stuff, wouldn’t you think MSD and Hotwires would be better?”. Well, again this is just my experience, but to me, aftermarket wires, are a waste of money UNLESS you need them. For example, would a clutch improve your 1/4 mile E.Ts (that is, if your stock one doesn’t slip and works fine)? No, not neccesarily (unless you launched harder because of the new clutch). But, if you are going to run 11s, is a clutch needed? Yes! Same with wires. If you have a high-output performance ignition box to keep up with your high-HP engine, it will probably melt the stock wires! I guess the clutch example wasn’t the best, but I hope you get the idea. But whatever you do, don’t go with platinum plugs!

So how do i set my teg up to not arc and burn out caps and rotors?

First, what mods do you have? On a mostly stock car, I don’t think you should be burning out caps and rotors unless your wires are beat. I’d replace the plugs, gap them to OEM spec (check your manual), and replace the cap. If you are still burning out caps and rotors, then really, I’m not sure! Good luck though!

OOOOOH okay i got it now thanks a ton actually the clutch example made perfect sense. Well the main reason i wanted wires and dont laugh now was because i did need them and i wanted to dress up my engine a bit anyway with some color’d performance wires. i know im lame lol. know of any brands of wires that work with OEM plugs that are colored? cause that’d be the most ideal. So your saying doing MSD ignition stuff is pointless on a low hp engine. Unless i get higher hp i might as well stick with oem stuff? perhaps i should put in a 421 header and itr cams or something i have an exaust job done with larger piping and im getting my AEM CAI i was lookinng for nice cheap ways to get a few hp here and there. I dont wanna go turbo just yet im not ready for that at all. and im too cheap to change my b18a block to somethin else. I’d like to gain as much hp as p;ossible from that block but then again maybe i should just go b16 and get it over with. or perhaps i should rebuild my tranny or my cooling. i dunno i had hoped to start with electrical upgrades but maybe thats pointless

If you want to dress-up your engine bay, then colored wires work fine, and they will work with any plugs. I was just saying from a performance stand-point they aren’t worth the money. Cams are a great way to increase performance. For exhaust, I’d probably keep the stock diameter piping, but maybe run a test pipe or a high-flo cat instead of the stock cat. One thing about the intake - from what I have seen and read, the AEM CAI doesn’t give much more gain (like 1-2HP believe it or not) over the AEM short-ram, and with the SR you don’t have to worry about hydrolock, not to mention it’s only $100 (maybe cheaper). You don’t have to do a swap to get decent power in a 2G teg, the B18A is a stout motor. If you want to have more fun with the car, I’d get a short-throw shifter and do some suspension work. So in daily driving it will handle much better, look better, and shift faster. Then go on to performance mods such as a turbo later on. Nitrous is also a great way to get power for cheap. But, it’s no fun if I tell you what route to take :slight_smile: so good luck!