ENGINE CUTTING OFF. ~~~scratching head~~~

[SIZE=“3”]Hey experienced Stock Motor heads. I’m scratching my head, I cannot figure out what my problem is with my DA9. It started with a slight hesitation as I was driving home. I thought at first it was low fuel, so I went to fill it up at my local 76 (I know its not dirty gas). Before I had gotten to the station the hesitation and sputtering was beginning to worsen. I managed to keep it alive and also restart it to get home after refueling. The next morning the car would only crank and spin but not stay running. I had an experience Honda guy come over and give it his best diagnosis without many tools in hand.

So here it goes. I’ve replaced the following thinking that maybe it was the…

  1. PGM-FI MAIN RELAY…Thought that maybe fuel wasn’t being sent and managed correctly.
  2. FUEL FILTER…Thinking that I had a clog or just a dirty filter.

(Things I checked and cleaned as well, just in case.)

  1. I checked and cleaned the spark plugs (NEW NGK-R)
  2. I have new NGK spark plug wires.
  3. I tested the fuel line to make sure that fuel was being sent through from the fuel pump…yup plenty of fuel.

After those 2 main replacements, I came to the conclusion that it must be the distributor, as I had it been rebuilt not that long ago so I replaced the spark resistor and put it all back together. Before I replaced the resistor I tested it by cranking the motor and ground out the spark plug to a ground while connected to the spark plug wire…RESULT - NO SPARK.

I cranked the motor again and finally LIFE, or so I thought. As I was cleaning up, allowing the motor to warm up, it started doing the same hesitating and sputtering. I tried a couple more times and even pressed on the gas pedal and left it there in the 4-5k range but the motor wouldn’t have it and it just died.:wtf:

After slamming my head on the concrete and throwing my hands up in the air, I figured it would be best to get opinions from those of you who know WTF is going on.

[/SIZE] :wahmb:

[size=“3”]Replace your Ignitor coil and spark resistor. After all of the other things I replaced…It almost came down to the ECU…Thankfully it was the ignitor coil that failed.[/size]

Did you check the igniter or coil? When the engine was hesitating, did the tachometer drop to zero? Those will cause no spark. I have the same issue right now. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I’m thinking its the ignitor…its the one with the 4 plugs.

Yes, it just dropped to zero almost immediately.

From what I have read, the tach dropping immediatly to zero is a sign of a bad ignitor.

I keep a spare distributor on hand as fail safe to narrow down ignition problems. Hope you get yours sorted…They sure can be a bitch.

my car seemed like it was running on like 2 cylinders and my tach wasnt working so i replaced the ignitor and now it works spark and all… still cant figure out my fuel problem tho :frowning:

Well maybe try and getting a replacment PGM FI Main Relay. I know that if you don’t hear a click from under your dash when you turn the key to off that it may need to be replaced. I just got one new at Honda Dealership for 64.00. Good luck. I still haven’t gotten the chance to get back at it…going to take the whole dist. to my mechanic and have him to a wty repair on it.

Problem resolved. indicated solution above. :read: