engine dies after breaking hard

so iv been driving my car for about a week and the other day i had to stop suddenly because someone cut me off and when i break’d hard the engine died
(yea i pressed he clutch in)
i started the car back up and everything seemed to be fine
the car runs strong it only seems to happen when i come to a quick stop
any suggestions?

ps sorry if someone has already posted something about this i looked and didnt see anything like this

i had a similar problem but it happend everytime i would come to s stop. the engine would bog down to about 100 or 200 rpm and then die when i pressed the gas. it ended up being a clogged filter on the fuel pump (that little sock looking thing) and i also had alot of gunk in the tank. i replaced that filter and coated the tank and everything was good. i dont know if that is your problem but it sounds pretty close. hope that helped

Im having a similar problem also. When Im coming to a stop my car would bog down and die, but I dont have a problem starting it up. In the last 7 months ive replaced the distributor, main fuel relay, spark plugs and recently the fuel filter. Replacing the fuel filter seemed to help. I might try replacing the filter in the fuel pump as 91b18a1ls said.

you probably already checked this but…Any chance your battery is moving and you have a loose connection on one of your cables?

Id check, clean and re-tighten those connections and see if that does anything.

yea i checked to make sure it wasnt the battery it got a clean connetion

the fuel pump sounds about right because i remember the guy i bought the car from saying that he replaced the pump so he probably didnt put the filter on right or clean the tank in any fashion. ill check that out

thanks for replying so fast

yea i dbout you need to replace the pump itself, just the filter on it. i cleaned and cleaned my tank to make sure it was good and free of dirt then i bought this gas tank coating stuff from a company called eastwood. never had a problem again. its pretty cheap to do all that but kind of a pain to take the tank off. good luck man