engine hesitates? *all G2ers*

when the engine is little cold, I mostly notice it when I’m on 1st & 2nd gear FROM A COMPLETE STOP, WHEN ACCELERATING… the car feels a little shakey and spuddering (sounds like something is clogged) and than goes… usually after the engine is completely warmed up, it goes away. Could it be my ignitor or something?

I’ve changed the fuel filter, distrib. cap/rotor, new spark plugs/wires and always run 91 octane.

samn thing happend to me today i would like to know what is to as well…

Except for the “when engine is cold” part, it sounds like another oxygen sensor problem. normally it’ll accelerate fine when the engine is cold, at least mine does. But when it warms up, let the hesitation and sputtering begin! It’s now to the point where it’ll make a pop noise when in low RPM in first and it bogs really bad. That can’t be good. HTH


Also make sure there is no oil getting into ur spark plugs…that happened to me and i had to replace the spark plug gaskets