Engine Oil Temperature sensor

Alright this weekend I started the b18b swap I have everything going smoothly minus the lack of a clutch alignment tool so we had to stop early. Anyway I notice on the b18a block there is a engine oil temp sensor that tells the radiator fan when to come on. Well the b18b lack this sensor. What should I do about this?

i would also like to know about this. i’ve already swapped in my b18b though. all i did was swap the sensor switch over. i don’t know if it worked or not because my fan would’nt come on at all, so i put it on a toggle switch. after i did that i realized (1) i was low on coolant(duh!!) (2) my thermostat was bad. i have’nt taken it off the toggle switch yet to find out. i did notice that after i swapped the engine my a/c fan stayed on all the time. i don’t use my a/c so i just disconnected it. somebody please enlighten us.
heres the b18b:

here’s the b18a:

back from the dead… as i have fucked up on my wiring of the coolant temp (accidently rewired the oil temp to teh B18B collant temp) i found out my A/C fan will come on when the car is off… i looked at the wiring and found that the oil temp sensor is wired to the condensor fan circuit… just thought id share… it’s one of those circuits that runs the fan when the car is off

I just did a ls vtec in mine but I kept the b18b bottom end. Well I am in the process of putting the motor back in and while I was plugging in all the wires I noticed that I have one green one by the Alternator and I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see where it plugs into and also the coolant temp plug too. I don’t know where the other end is on the wiring harness. Can someone help me on that one. As far as the fan’s go I would just run a wire and run it seprate from all the other crap