engine problems

Well i like to introduce myself first. My name is Jon and i have a 1991 integra LS that is on the disabled list at the moment because of some problems. I recently did a timing belt change. Everything went smooth. I got the car back and running and it was great. I cleaned the engine bay afterward and some water go into the spark plug hole number 1. The car ran hot and then started to bog down till it hit 3500 RPM (note that this is an auto). The car then would take off like it was a bat out of hell or like it was a V-tec block on roids. I only drove it less than 1/2 mile (round trip). I got back to let the car cool and let me self cool. I then took the valve cover off to see if the timing was off. Looked good but the oil looked like chocolate milk which means water got in. I am guessing that the water got in from the spark plug area (turned to steam and got threw the spark plug gasket). That is solved now but the car still has shitty excelaration till it hits 3500 RPM then takes off like a mofo. The car has sat almost all summer and was just recently started back up. It started up alittle rough and when the gas was released it would stall so i uped the idle speed and it was fine ,but when put in gear with the break applied it almost stalls and putts around like a POS and while driving it does the same till 3500 RPM’s. If anyone can help me that would be great. All info given would be great. Thanks, Jon

check your plugs and wires. did you replace the valve cover gasket AND spark plug gaskets? change your oil after the water got in? (just making sure… you’d be surprised at some of the things i’ve seen.) if i think of anything else i’ll let you know

All the gaskets were changed. I have yet to check the wires because i hate holding them to see if they are working. The plugs are fine. I am tempted to take it to a shop but money is tight because i am in college now and books are costing me 500 bucks. Thanks for the input and hopefully someone can give me somemore.

is there a white carbon film in your distebitor cap if there is replace it and the rotor. or if there any cracks

The water in the plug tubes probably was shorting the charge to your plugs out, giving you crappy performance. And I guess water could seep past the plug tube seals and contaminate your oil. Next time try not to spray high pressure water on the valve cover, and if you do, take the wires off and use a towel stuffed down around the plugs to dry it up. I have no idea why the performance hasn’t come back to normal, maybe a wire is loose at one of the ends.

you can check the plug wires with an ohmeter. its the only good way to check them. max resistance for 2nd gen is 25k ohms. you might be able to rent out an ohmeter or dvom from auto zone or advance. also check the gap in the plugs. should be .047-.051 for b17 and .043 for b18a

I am a step ahead of you guys but thanks. My dad was an electrican for over 30 years so i have plently of tools that come in handy. Thanks again.