Engine Rebuild Advice!

Soo I just lost my engine to a bad oil pump on my way home from thanksgiving and im trying to figure out what to do…and I know that you guys always have really good advice so i thought i would start a thread…opinions please :slight_smile: should I go with a longblock through autozone? for about $1900 with the warranty can I trust it? how reliable will it be? or should I go for building maybe an ls-vtec…how reliable is an ls-vtec? or maybe just an engine swap entirely…please help me out.I would like to get my car back on the road within a month, if possible.

if budget is an issue i would just swap in a good used motor, they are for sale on here often from some good people. or you could rebuild it top to bottom and do ls-v or just stay non vtec. either way is reliable.

I would go with a used JDM longblock from a reputable supplier. You will spend about $500-800 on a good one with around 30,000 miles.

Awsome! anyone else???