engine swap or rebuild info

Alright, I have a 90 RS. It has 296,000kms on the clock. What would be the cheapest way to go? Get this engine rebuilt, or swap in a different motor? Also, what is the cheapest swap with the best results? Im a Mustang guy, so all this is new to me. I do a ton of research on whatever car I own, but I don’t really know what to look for, most of the stuff I find is about Civics.

ACTUALLY, I just started reading the G2 turbo guide. Maybe rebuilding the stock motor, putting in some better internals in the stock block, and putting a small turbo would be the best. Im not looking for some super monster. This car is my daily driver, but I still want to have fun. I want it to handle, and be reasonably fast.

Just search engine swap and youll see some good tips.

The cheapest engine swap you can get is the g1 B16 which is cheap(1000-1500) for a swap which drops right in pretty much. It has low torque but its cheap and thats why alot of people but it. If you feel like rebuilding and turboing youll want a good setup/rebuild so your engine wont blow on you. Your talking alot more for the LS/Turbo.

B16=cheap as hech(low tq)
B18(LS)=very torquey engine that can be made into a monster
B18C=moderatly expensive(3k swap). Good overall motor.
b18C5=fast engine but to expensive.

Yeah im not looking to spend alot since its my daily driver. Who am I kidding? Im going to blow a ton of money on it. :roll:

Well if you wanna learn about your options I suggest you ask specific questions to people and also search alot. Thats what I did and I pretty much know all about the B series motors now.