Engine swap Question...

Dont crap on me, I found some threads and the tegtip on this but they did not contain all the info I needed.

The only 1.8l vtec that will fit into a G2 is the B18C? I am not sure, not much info on this engine.
Will swapping in any B18 series engine work fine for my car? (1992 RS, auto)
Vtec came only on the B17 series (B16 too, but I want 1.8l or more) and the B18c’s or is there something I missed?
What is the best choice for an engine with vtec to drop into my teg?
Thanks a lot for you’re help!


any b series engine will fit. b16,b18’s.b17. you will retain all stock mounts, axles, half shaft, linkage, ect… you can also do a head swap. using your stock b18 block with a vtec head. golden eagle makes a head gasket and dowel pin kit so no machining is nessary. you would have to wire in the the vtec and providing you have a vtec ecu you will have a vtec da.




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Thanks a lot for the info, I sawe all those threads, the only thing I need to know now is wtf is the dif between the B18c’s becuase I found conflicting info on these forums, is there only one spec available here, or is C5 here, or just C?
Thanks a lot, you guys are mad nice :clap:

Do u mean what are the specs for the B18c1 and B18c5? There’s a TEG TIP by G2GURU (DAN) and it includes all the specs for every B-series engine. There’s 4 different engines for B18c’s, there Type R, and later GSR’s, the first two are the two different B18C1’s which are the GSR’s, and the second are the two Type R engines, B18c5’s.

My advice- click this link if u have not done so allready, click “B-seres engine specs download” and print it out, post it on your wall right above your computer. (this is what i did lol) I believe that should answer your question unless I’m misunderstanding what u are asking. Anyway good luck! LAtes

well if you would have searched(not just on here, but google as well), you would have figured out that a b18c is a gs-r motor and b18c5 is type-r motor.

differences can be found by searching.

I do have it and im looking at it right now, and it did answer just about everything but the last thing I want to know is what engines are available here int he US? Just the standar B18C or the B18C5?

well think about it…

is a gs-r sold here in the us? yes, that means a b18c is available.

is a type-r sold here in the us? yes(hard to find), then that means a b18c5 is available.

if you see both a type-r and gs-r driving around, then both engines are available.

Ok thanks a lot, no more questions!

P>S> All four are… available, if u can find one, its not impossible just rare. Hit up H-motorsonline if u are looking for a engine swap/longlbock, they are a good place.