Excessive movement in shifter, also grinding

Hi there,

I’ve noticed in my 93 Integra GS that I’ve got a lot of play on my stick when it’s in gear. IE when you’re in neutral you can move it back and forth a lot (obviously) but when I put it in ANY gear I still have a lot of movement. IE I can move it back and forth. MY girlfriends 92 GS-R has almost no movement at all. Is there an easy way to make it so I don’t have so much play? What might be the cause of this?

Also when I shift into 3rd (only 3rd) I get a small grind just as I do it. It doenst’ matter if it’s warm or cold. It only really happens if I shift medium to fast. Rev’s don’t seem to make a difference in whether it grinds or not. Can this simply be fixed by replacing the fluid?

3rd gear synchros are common to wear out. Some GM Synchromesh fluid usually will help the problem for a while at least. As for the excessive play, you can try poly shift bushings, also inspect the linkage and make sure nothing is loose.