Exhaust for RS and LS vs GS

Okay, I purchased a rear exhaust section for my car today, as in it runs from the end of the mid pipe to the tip. Anywho, the manufacturer said it would only fit the LS or RS. I thought that was wierd since the only difference that might affect that part would be the ABS. Don’t all the models (RS, LS, GS) have the same suspension and everything? Does anybody have any ideas as to why it would be limited to the LS and RS models?


it should fit all rs/ls/gs/gsr models.

There is a difference in the axle back sections of G2 exhausts…but i’ve yet to see what dictates which car will have which one. I’m beginning to think that the difference is only on 93’s.

What i’ve found:
-my stock 91 gs axle back is the same as my friend’s 92 ls axle back
-92 ls axle back is the same as 92 gsr axle back
-93 axle back is different from 91 gs, 92 ls, and 92 gsr axle backs

i’m not sure if the 93 axle back I found is just an anomaly or what. but it was a different length (meaning b pipe is also different) and the flange style was different, and there was no hanger near the flange. And on the car it came off of there wasn’t a hanger on the car either. Sorta strange.