Exhaust, headers and a lil bit more

Hello Everyone,
I am fairly new to the DA community and have a few questions about the exhaust set ups. I have stock right now, but it is rusted out right before the muffler. I want to get new exhaust but i am not sure what to get. I am not a big fan of “fart cans” in the least bit, coming from a automotive background that laughs at such things. Does a catback really give that much of a gain? Or can i just run stock exhaust…maybe there is something i can do to the pipes such as get slightly larger ones? Or is there a quiet catback that also looks good (i like the twin exhaust tips espescially in chrome).

Also I am not sure if i want to stick with my engine. It is a B18A1 and it is running well besides a small idle problem. I would love to get the XSi engine and put that inside. Anyone have any ideas? Is that a good swap? Would it possibly be good for a turbo set up?

Any insight is well appreciated!

anything is helpful!:angel::angel::angel:

ls motor still good then just peice together a good turbo kit, possibly under 1k… i’ve seen stock ls motors hold up to 300whp stock and run 12s, as for your exhaust… a catback system will not add much power as your motor is stock…i have a welded dynomax muffler on my da and it sounds nice, not loud at all… and the xsi motor is a b16 and not worth it imo… yep and :werd:welcome

so if i threw exhaust headers on my engine but kept the exhaust stock that would give me a slight boost?

from my knowledge putting after market headers with a stock exhaust probably wont help much if at all, im not the most experienced person though but as far as i know bolt ons for your engine general depend on being matched with other bolt ons for example to realize the full benefits of a after market header you would need an upgraded exhaust and air intake system otherwise you’ll see very little gains.