Exhaust help!

I was just wondering how you guys hooked up your performance mufflers lkike the OBX B1 Tunabl Bomb syle. The stock design is odd and I just want to have the muffler sticking out of the back and side ways. Any suggestions on doing this?

the hks hiper exhaust system is a direct bolt on with this slanted style you’re talking about. it’s possible to do with any muffler, really, as long as you make accomodations for the rubber hangers.

Do you think that I could just drill a hole through my trunk floor and make a hanger through it somehow?

yes, well, i’m sure you could, but i don’t see why you’d want to. just don’t drill into the gas tank! :confused:

thanks,. \SO if i didnt hang it that way, how is it done?