exhaust system

I have a turbocharged DA with a test pipe in place of the stock cat and i was wondering if anyone else had a problem with their car smelling like crap with a test pipe equipped. i would rather keep the test pipe, but if the only way to get rid of the smell is to put my stock cat back on, then i guess i’d have to go that route. i’m interested to hear different people’s experiences using a test pipe on their turbocharged DA.

cars without cats are generally smellier; but you have to realize why that is. SImply becuase nothing is being restricted and its all coming out (which is a good thing for power). Putting a cat back in, even a “high flow”, will definetly net a power loss.

If its not tuned very well it can generally smell a little worse (usually rich conditions). But that is just something you have to deal with w/ no cat.

I see. the reason i am asking this is because my brother used to have a stock 4-door integra with a test pipe welded on in place of the catalytic converter and his car never stank that much. i was just wondering if turbo cars with a test pipe are stinkier than stock cars with test pipes.

you also might have a leak some where beacause i also had a stinky teg and was just used to it until i sat in my boys turbo teg and was like wtf looked around walla leak