Hi I’ve had my 90 integra for a few years now, and have alot of the basics done to it. I recentyl put in a AEM Short Ram Intake, and love it and the sound it creates, and now I find myself looking for more, I want exhaust. I’ve gone around asking if it’s possible to put an afternmarket exhaust in a 90 integra because of how the muffler is sideways instead of front to back, and everyone is telling me that I’d have to get a muffler without a tip. Yet I have seen a kid driving the exact same car with a muffler mounted front to back with a tip. How would I go about doing this and is there anywhere I would be able to get this done?

all quality aftermarket exhaust systems will come with a tip and a muffler. most follow the stock setup’s form, but hks hiper makes a system that has the tip directly on the exhaust muffler and mounts at an angle. do a search on the internet.


I have a thermal r and d catback and it was 450 shipped from www.landspeedracing.com I love it and wouldn’t buy anything else except greddy or tanabe. Thermal is all stainless however and provides the highest gains that i’ve seen.