first the brake light then...

the brake light thingy on the dashboard comes on each morning or after parking my car too long, then after like 3 mins the abs light comes on.
what you guys think causes this?

thank you

did you make sure your emergency brake is completely disengaged?

your brake fluid might be to low, i had this same problem a couple of weeks ago. ill fill it up and it went away. try filling it up.

yup, low brake fluid


low brake fluid means your brakes is wereing out.:roll: (unless theres a leak):worry:

the light come on cuz it take more fluid to fill you calipers, with the worn brake pads!!!
so the reservor is now low and sets the light!!!

i Hate that shit i get that all the time at work :mad:

i put new barkes on a car the fluid goes back up into the reservor and i have to clean up there mess when the fluid overflows allover the firewall :vomit: