Flowmaster 40 series opinions?

my stock muffler has had it and its time for a new one, ive seen flowmaster 40series kinda cheap, like 67$. I dont want anything thats gona be waking up the nighbors or getting me tickets like a straight through design but i want some better flow and sound on a budget. so far I have a cold air intake and a gutted cat. what do you guys think? do i really need to install a resonator with it?

i have a flowmaster, its on my truck, initially it was what i thought i wanted but you might want to try magnaflow or a borla exhaust, i think itll give you a better tone. my friend has it on his EG, stock engine…sounds ok but i think i’d have i’d redo it if it was mine…

Not that I would do this, but here is a link that will give you everything you need to replace on your axleback, with a flowmaster: