flywheel added performance.. how?

I am wondering why a lighter flywheel adds performance and what it does… just curious… o and it is hard to install?

i’m from ames. i’ll be there visiting my dad over easter. :wave:

lightweight flywheels remove rotating mass, which helps the car rev more freely. it also helps free up power that’s usually lost having to move more mass through the rotating assembly. it doesn’t really ADD power per se, but rather frees up existing power to actually go to the wheels rather than be lost getting the rotating assembly moving.


wow you know the strange thing… im from bellevue, grew up there and am at college in ames!

hahaha i think i posted on OR in your thread about moving up to ames (ferretman). :giggle:

do you know mike torres?

name doesn’t ring any bells, but i wouldn’t be surprised if i did. i’m a lot older than people think…graduated from AHS in 98. :shock:

he works at the car shop thing on base… what all have you done to your car and do you work on it on base?

oh okay then i know i’ve met him. :stuck_out_tongue: i’m there all the time.

so far i’ve gotten the teggy up on jackstands and removed the following:


pretty much if it’s on the outisde or in the engine bay and not a body component, it’s out. :smiley:

i’ll have a full rolling chassis (wheels, tires, brakes, full suspension, everything) by (hopefully) july 15, possibly sooner if i get this early promotion i’m goin up for in a couple weeks. :up:

hes a good friend of mine…
what are you going with the engine out>>??
i liked my integra in bellevue… no one had them
i wish i had a lift to use to do crap… but i dont even have a garage here in ames to put my car on jacks… i just want to put on my thermal exhaust and i cant do it… dont have anywhere to go! makes me mad

if you don’t mind waiting till easter weekend i’d be happy to bring my tools up. i’m sure dad’s got jackstands, and it oughta be warm by then. i’d be happy to help out. :slight_smile:

i gotta go to bed, got that whole “defend the country” thing to do tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

my email’s in my profile, drop me a line. :up:

flywheel doesnt add power…it frees up power :slight_smile:

Wanna ship me your stock 90-91 (that is if you have one) flywheel? :slight_smile: