Front end vibration on accelleration

Okay I need to figure this crap out. I’ve had a vibration in the front end of my car on acceleration for about a year now. I have no idea what it is and I need help diagnosing it.

Front end vibration on acceleration from ~20-45mph. It seems to go away over ~55mph.

Steps taken to remedy the problem (in chronological order)

Replaced all suspension bushings with Energy Suspension urethane bushings (15 months ago)
Replaced rear trailing arm bushings with OEM bushings (15 months ago)
Replaced outer tie rods (11 months ago)
Replaced inner tie rods (10 months ago)
Replaced both axles with Napa new axles (8 months ago)
Replaced OE motor mount/ES inserts with 3 pc Innovative Mount set (red) (5 months ago)
New alignment (1 month ago)
Checked wheel bearing play per OE Service Manual and it seemed alright (yesterday)
Replaced both axles with Napa new axles (today)

The vibration hasn’t gone away and I’m out of ideas. The next thing I have to do is get another alignment, but I think I’m going to just dump it off at my mechanic’s and see if they can figure it out.

Any productive help appreciated.

I have the same problem my friend. Its been there since I bought the car last July. Mine likes to do it when its really cold outside. When its warmer, its not really noticeable. My clutch/flywheel get replaced tommorrow, so we’ll see if that does anything. My buddy is a mechanice for Honda and he thinks the flywheel is off balance or the clutch is warn funny. I still have the stock clutch with 137K on it. Ya, its ready to retire.

check your bushing and balljoints…

Changed my original post, forgot to mention I replaced all bushings with polyurethane.

how about the shim in the diff? have you messed around with the transmission at all?

as soon as i pulled the LSD from my trans and replaced it i have a similar problem as you. i didnt shim it, and now its vibrating on acceleration.

also you could possibly have a bearing taking a shit on you.

+1 on the bearing. over the course of about 6-7 months i had vibration, then trouble with the tranny popping out of gear, then a whine, then a scream, then a very metallic “PLINK!” and suddenly she didn’t want to go anymore. busticated the entire transmission.

that wasn’t a fun tow from about halfway between the twin cities and the southern minnesota border, to central iowa.

Put in Honda axles, non napa/autzone crap

I had autozone axles, and kept on replacng them, always had a front end vibration between 1 and 2nd gear and disappeared when i reached higher speed.

put in a used G3 axle, bam, problem solved.

Alright, got my new clutch/flywheel/throw out bearing installed. My vibration still hasn’t gone away either. Were going to check my wheel bearings and ball joints next week when we tear into the brakes. Hopfully we can get it figured out. My buddy said that when he drove it to the shop b4 the new clutch was in, the vibration was acting up and he said it might be the bearing in the diff. also (hes a 12 year Honda-Technician at the dealer).

I had the transmission rebuilt (new bearings) about 2 years ago.

make sure the front tires are balanced correctly. Might sound dumb but that was what was wrong with mine when it was vibrating.

i’m pretty sure he had his tires balanced…that’s the easiest thing to do, and its a different kind of vibration, a non balanced tire will vibrate at a certain speed no matter if you’re accelerating or not, so that’s not the case. I have a small vibrating problem that i’ve noticed too and i’m hoping it’s because of my axles.

Mine did this since i got my car too, about a yr.

the other day i filled up an extra drivers side motor mount with polyeurothane for window sealing and it went away. old mount didn’t even look bad. shacked between 20 and 40 no matter what gear.

Forgot about this post… I found that my axles are rubbing on the front forks; most likely due to the fact that I have EG/DC Koni yellow shocks instead of the DA shocks.

If anyone is interested in trading their DA Koni Yellows for my DC Koni Yellows, let me know.

scott, do you mind my asking how low your car is?

Really low, like a finger or two gap between fender and 205/45/16 tire with +45 offset. I’m not sure that raising the car will help, I’ve run the suspension through it’s travel with the car on jackstands and it appears that it would rub more if I raised it. I’m not sure of the exact height, but with an added -0.75* of front camber via the Ingalls UCA mounts, I’ve got ~-3-3.5* of camber up front.


This gives me pause regarding my current plans on my suspension.

It’s very strange, this whole axle interference. Plenty of people run DC shocks/springs on their car, but why do only some of them rub? Do a quick search on the DC forks rubbing on the axles and you’ll find a bit of info. I’m guessing it’s a combination of a the shocks, the super stiff motor mounts, the urethane bushings, and some other unknown (maybe factory build tolerances, bent subframes, etc etc).


i guess i’ll go ahead and give it a go (since I have the ITR rear LCA’s already). if she rubs, she rubs. if not, whee! :wink:

If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t waste my time with this suspension combo.

StinkBox - so your motor mount was bad?? i’ve had everything checked except for my wheel bearings… mine does the same shit no matter what gear… and if its wet and i spin the tires my car shoots to the right hard as hell… i think thats due to my alignment being way off