front end wiring problems

ok so about a month ago i was in a front end wreck and i’ve basically had to get an entire new front end (bumper, fenders, headlights, hood, radiator suppport, radiator, AC, everything). so i’ve completed everything except when i try to turn my heat/air fans on inside the car, a couple of the lights on the gauge cluster light up like the high beam light and the right turn signal light. and the other day when i tried turning the lights on, one of the radiator fans turned on. i’m pretty sure i’ve either got a bad ground or i’ve got some wires crossed or something. anyone ever had something like this happen before? if so, what’d you do to fix it? also, if anyone has a good picture of where all the wiring grounds mount up i’d really appreciate it if you could post it. i’ve looked in the helms manual and it really doesn’t show where any of the grounds are supposed to be. well thanks for your time, but if i can’t figure this out today i’ll probably end up taking it to my 2nd cousin’s shop so i can finally start driving my car again.

I think you answered your own question, miswired :wink: 94