front spindles

hey guys i just went to get my car aligned and it turns out my front driver side spindle is bent, and possibly the lca. i was wondering if you guys could tell me how hard it is to install new spindles, and where i could get them at, autozones website doesnt show them, and i cant find them anywhere else either. if anyone has one for sale i would be interested. thanks for the help!

I think you can go to a salvage yard and pick one up. I would just check the bearing to make sure it’s still good. As for the installation it’s no too bad.

any one no what year integra spindles will fit? like any 90-93 or is it the 90-91 and 92-93 deal, also in junkyards around here theres plenty of 3rd gen tegs… will thoose spindles fit on the G2? might be dumb but i have to ask… could save me money :shrug:
thanks guys!

any 90-93 will work fine.