FS MS: Cheap b series stuff, couple DSM things too

Just clearing the garage. I dont even own a honda anymore, and don’t see one being in my custody any time soon. These prices are not shipped.

Honda-ish related parts…

GSR p72 injectors from my 99 integra: $10 bucks
ITR oil and water pumps: $50 bucks
OBD1 b series alternator: $20 bucks
OBD2 b series alternator: $10 bucks
b16 del sol mounts: $20 bucks
b18b full intake manifold: $40 bucks
ching chong 57 trim t3/to4e: $20 bucks

DSM stuff…

3in GM map sensor with 3in couplers and reducers: $20 bucks
Upper IC piping from a 92 GST with BOV: $20
SMIC from same car: $20 bucks
Stock intake piping from same car: $5 bucks

I am located about 20 miles SE of Memphis, TN. About 1.5 hours east of Little Rock, AR and 2 hours SW of Nashville, TN.

I have pics of just about everything on my phone, so text 901-605-0816 for them. I check this place at least once a day but text will be fastest way to get in contact with me.


payment sent for arp rod bolts

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got my rod bolts today, thank! feedback left

bump it folks, b series throttle body pending

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drive to el paso and ill buy the b20 and everything for it lol

Hi, is the distributor OEM? Is it functional? If yes, how much shipped to 27712?


It is, and say 53 shipped.

B20 pending

Gm map of maf sensor?

GM 3in map, put it with DSM stuff because I had it on one of my DSMs

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