fuel pressure at idle? pic

i just set up my fuel rail with fpr now what idle is it supposto be at? in the book( helms) it says 28-35psi with vacum connected? what do u guys have it set at with stock injectors and fuel pump at idle? i have mine set up at 38 at idle b18b

Mine runs at about 48psi with the Hose OFF

Thats a pretty cool FPR, what brand is it, golden eagle too looks like? Never seen one with a gadge attached

That would be Aeromotive. They make top notch stuff. You amde some good chocies in your selection of equipment there :rockon:

with my car on walbro pump and 450’s my idle is 40, almsot 50 with hose off.

thanks, i set it at 38psi when i rev it goes up to 44 or so psi i think that should be cool

Mines is at 42 psi at idle and 55 psi while boosting.