fuel pressure problems

I have a B&M fpr and fuel presure guage installed. i had them on my first gen w/ a ZC motor. i know they are good for a B series as well. the problem i am running into is the pressure not increasing when the vaccum hose is disconnected from the fpr. i am trying to run around 55 psi. Any ideas on why it isnt working correctly? The car still runs great as it is but it worries me. because i know i isnt working right. Thanks in advance for anyones help/ideas

I have a b18A1 engine in a G2 and my fuel pressure stays the same too with the vacume line on or off. Just like you both ways it runs perfectly it might be normal but don’t take My word for it because I’m not sure. But if you figure it out please tell me because That was troubling me too. I also have an aftermarket FPR. Good luck.

well i tried something, anyone please tell me what you think. there are 2 silonoids on the firewall. 1 the purge cut off, which is connected to the fpr. This is the one i have no vaccum from. im pretty sure there should be. 2 the fpr cut off, this line is connected to the charcoal canister near the fuel filter, this line has vaccum. well i figured the 2nd is for emissions. i only care about that one time a year. so i swapped the lines. now the fpr works how it should with pressure rising when the line is off. but i have no vaccum to that charcoal cannister. any thoughts on this???