fuel pump?

Hi my integra won’t start. I never had this problem. It just stopped and it won’t start again. The engine turns. I don’t hear the fuel pump so I think that might be the problem, but I’m new to this stuff so I don’t know. Is there anything else that can be causing this? I need to get my car home asap. Towing is to expensive.


Could be your distributor or coil gone out too… towing it might be your only choice, depending on where you left it…

Agree with Hondapower, check distributor and coil first.

If that’s ok then check fuel line to see if pressure is there.
It’s a bitch to replace fuel pump. On my 90 Teg, I had to drop the fuel tank to take that pump out.

agree, check igniter(coil) and ign. first then check f.p. just pull a SPark plug wire off and put something metal in the end and have some one crank engine over put the metal object close to ground and look for a spark . thats the ghetto way if you can put a different wire on and use a spark tester . take gas cap off and listen for fuel pump . if you want to get real technical the main relay is under the steering wheel the yellow wire with a black tracer is the power to the fuel pump you can check voltage there and if you put an ammeter from there to the pos. of battery you can check fuel pump current draw. 2.5 amps to 3.5 is perfect anything less sometimes the plastic wheel separates from the metal shaft and the shaft freewheels . anything more you may have a kink in the line or a clogged fuel filter. sorry about the rant but definetaly check the igniter first seen them go on teg s around 90000 . hope any of this helps

Hi. I check the fuel pump and i think is ok. I used a spark tester and the spark was very low compared to my other car. How would I test the ignition to see if it is bad? I measured the resistance of the coil on the +,- terminals and it was .6 ohms. Can it still be back. I saw some carbon in the hole on the ignition coil. What other components of the ignition can go bad and how do I check them?